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WK5 Dietary Plan for Recovering Myocardial Infarction Heart Attack Patient HW

WK5 Dietary Plan for Recovering Myocardial Infarction Heart Attack Patient HW

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Discussion Topic must contain at least (2) professional references no later than 2015 cited in APA format

Mr. Antieau, 47 years of age, was playing basketball in a driveway with friends one summer evening when he suddenly felt nauseated and light-headed.

“I sat out a few on the porch, thinking things would get better,” he says, “but then I got a sharp pain in my chest and shoulder.” This pain, predictably, became severe enough that his friends rushed Mr. Antieau to the emergency department. Mr. Antieau was subsequently diagnosed with, and treated for, myocardial infarction (heart attack).

“It has been a slow and difficult recovery,” Mr. Antieau says, “but I’m determined to make big changes.” Today, as part of his recovery plan, he is meeting with Doug, a dietitian’s nurse, who will help him establish healthy eating patterns in compliance with the lifestyle changes outlined for him by his cardiologist and the dietitian Doug works for.

Doug begins with an intake interview to find out not only Mr. Antieau’s physical needs, but also his attitudes toward food in general.

“I’ve always told my friends that if I have to die young, let me do it with a bucket of spicy fried chicken wings and a chocolate shake,” he says now, “but the day I had my first heart attack, it scared that attitude right out of me. I had my first heart attack at 47 years, and I don’t want another.”

Mr. Antieau’s recovery plan focuses on a graduated exercise program and a healthy eating plan to lower his triglyceride level, his sodium intake, and his blood cholesterol level and keep them low.

“I’m nervous,” he smiles, “especially because the guys at work, we all go to our favorite Chicago pizza place for lunch maybe three times a week, and eat those famous Chicago red hots at least once a week. And since my wife and I both work, we always joke that we know dinner is almost ready if we see that the first one home has already opened the telephone book to our favorite Chinese delivery joints, and know that the crab Rangoon with sweet-and-sour pork is on its way!”

He laughs, then shakes his head. “But yeah. I’m ready. Really.”

    1. “My wife’s sister is skinny as a rail,” Mr. Antieau says, “and she says she always has great low blood cholesterol. She says it’s from eating salmon twice a week, plus spinach and walnuts every day. Will this work for me? I mean, will it prevent another heart attack?” How should Doug answer?
    2. Mr. Antieau arrives at his next visit with a big smile on his face. “I finally figured it out, Doug!” he says. “All I have to do is eat just the unsaturated and monounsaturated fats, right?” What does Doug need to explain?
    3. Mr. Antieau says, “I can give up the pizza—sort of—and the hot dogs, but my wife and I really enjoy our ‘Chinese food nights.’ For us, it’s more than just stuffing our faces. Rather, we always make a whole event of it. We rent a movie and then curl up together eating right out of the cartons with chopsticks. It’s sort of the romantic appeal of the whole event that I’m really going to miss.” How might Doug help Mr. Antieau and his wife keep their “Chinese food nights.”

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