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Walden University Science Chemical Process Question

Walden University Science Chemical Process Question



Marks: 1

Dr. Josh Axe states that the number one essential oil you can use for any type of nerve degeneration or nerve issue is:

Choose one answer.

a. calendula 

b. ravintsara 

c. helichrysum 

d. ginger 


Marks: 1

Eucalyptus essential oil acts as a diuretic. To help lose extra water weight, you can create a blend by adding the following essential oils along with a carrier oil:

Choose one answer.

a. lemon and sandalwood 

b. lavender and lemon 

c. chamomile and lavender 

d. ylang ylang and clary sage 


Marks: 1

Essential oils should be properly labeled but the following information is not an essential labeling requirement:

Choose one answer.

a. the instructions for use and any warnings or cautions 

b. whether it is a top, middle or base note 

c. the common or popular name 

d. the botanical name 


Marks: 1

Bergamot mint essential oil is extracted from:

Choose one answer.

a. a herb 

b. flower petals 

c. tree bark 

d. orange rind 


Marks: 1

A quick experiment was done in the Essential Oil University Lab, New Albany, IN, to ascertain if the order of blending essential oils makes a difference to the odor achieved. The result indicated that:

Choose one answer.

a. the odor of each blend was identical 

b. there was a slight difference in the odor of each blend 

c. there was a significant difference in the odor of each blend 

d. certain blending orders highlighted the base notes 


Marks: 1

Which of the following essential oils should not be used during pregnancy?

Choose one answer.

a. bergamot 

b. ylang ylang 

c. clary sage 

d. catnip 


Marks: 1

Fennel essential oil should not be used if suffering from: (Select all that apply.)

Choose at least one answer.

a. peptic ulcers 

b. constipation 

c. endometriosis 

d. epilepsy 


Marks: 1

Below is a list of endangered plant species: (Select all that apply.)

Choose at least one answer.

a. rosewood 

b. cypress 

c. agarwood 

d. sandalwood 


Marks: 1

The Alliance of International Aromatherapists’ (AIA) Code of Ethics states that members should acknowledge that aromatic extracts:

Choose one answer.

a. work the same for everyone 

b. cure diseases 

c. support self-healing 

d. are suitable for all ages 


Marks: 1

The KidSafe Essential Oil Dilution Chart states that a 1.5-3.0% dilution can be used for:

Choose one answer.

a. babies 3-24 months 

b. children aged 6-15 years 

c. children aged 2-5 years 

d. babies full term up to 3 months 


Marks: 1

Dr. Josh Axe states that frankincense oil has the following properties: (Select all that apply.)

Choose at least one answer.

a. good for digestion 

b. hair thickener 

c. conducive to meditation 

d. anti-inflammatory 


Marks: 1

For chronic and emotional issues, you may use oils as needed:

Choose one answer.

a. at lower dilutions 

b. at 5% dilution 

c. at higher dilutions 

d. at 3% dilution 


Marks: 1

The following essential oil is one of the most used fragrances and fixatives in perfumes, colognes, cosmetics, and soaps, and is often used as a substitute for expensive jasmine essential oil due to its similar properties and perfume:

Choose one answer.

a. petitgrain 

b. patchouli 

c. ylang ylang 

d. vetiver 


Marks: 1

For topical application of oregano essential oil, a maximum dilution of _______ is highly recommended.

Choose one answer.

a. 1.5% 

b. 1% 

c. 2% 

d. 2.5% 


Marks: 1

Orange essential oil: (Select all that apply.)

Choose at least one answer.

a. cannot be used topically 

b. should not be used in a diffuser 

c. is phototoxic 

d. contains high levels of d-limonene 


Marks: 1

Which oil is great for hair growth, memory, inflammation, the liver, gallbladder, the adrenal glands, the heart, can naturally balance out cholesterol levels, and is effective against diabetes?

Choose one answer.

a. anise 

b. lavender 

c. rosemary 

d. red myrtle 


Marks: 1

To relieve headaches, one to two drops of peppermint oil should be applied:

Choose one answer.

a. on the eyelids 

b. on the spine 

c. on the philtrum 

d. on the temples 


Marks: 1

Lavender oil inhalation has been shown to affect brain wave activity, as measured by electroencephalogram (EEG) recordings. Effects suggested by these EEG studies include the relaxing effects of increased _______ activities.

Choose one answer.

a. delta 

b. alpha 

c. beta 

d. theta 


Marks: 1

Copaiba essential oil works with the body’s endocannabinoid system and its major component, beta-caryophyllene (BCP), interacts directly with the following receptors:

Choose one answer.

a. CB3 

b. CB2 

c. CB1 

d. CB1 and CB2 


Marks: 1

Eucalyptus essential oil reduces dental issues such as cavities due to the following properties:

Choose one answer.

a. carminative 

b. germicidal 

c. emmenagogue 

d. nervine 


Marks: 1

The following oils are often sold as calendula essential oils but they don’t have the same therapeutic properties of calendula officinalis: (Select all that apply.)

Choose at least one answer.

a. Tagetes patula 

b. Tagetes lemmonii 

c. Tagetes erecta 

d. Tagetes minuta 


Marks: 1

The results of a study undertaken in an elder care home in Nagasaki, Japan, indicated that the smell of a single, identified, chemical compound had a measurable impact on the cognitive and behavioral status of elderly persons who were cognitively impaired. That compound is:

Choose one answer.

a. eucalyptol 

b. caryophyllene 

c. linalool 

d. humulene 


Marks: 1

The following are examples of essential oils used as middle notes in blends: (Select all that apply.)

Choose at least one answer.

a. lemon 

b. Egyptian geranium 

c. clove leaf 

d. clary sage 


Marks: 1

Lemon essential oil has the following properties: (Select all that apply.)

Choose at least one answer.

a. sleep-promoting 

b. moisturizing 

c. bactericidal 

d. hemostatic 


Marks: 1

Essential oils are fat soluble and attracted to lipids and are, therefore, considered:

Choose one answer.

a. oleophobic 

b. hydrophilic 

c. lipophilic 

d. amphiphilic 


Marks: 1

Which herb was referred to as ‘clear eye’ in Medieval times and in the Middle Ages was known as the ‘eyes of Christ’?

Choose one answer.

a. rosemary 

b. marjoram 

c. lemon balm 

d. clary sage 


Marks: 1

Rubbing lavender essential oil on the _______ has been shown to relieve depression, anxiety and stress, while relaxing the muscles.

Choose one answer.

a. shoulders 

b. palms of the hands 

c. feet 

d. chest 


Marks: 1

When using eucalyptus essential oil on children, it should be: (Select all that apply.)

Choose at least one answer.

a. used only on the chest 

b. diluted 

c. kept away from the face 

d. kept away from the soles of the feet 


Marks: 1

Dr. Josh Axe states that people with digestive conditions can benefit from using ginger oil:

Choose one answer.

a. on a weekly basis 

b. three times/day 

c. on a daily basis 

d. after eating a meal 


Marks: 1

To make a soothing chest rub, blend 1 drop each of copaiba oleoresin, black pepper and coriander to _______ of a carrier oil or lotion.

Choose one answer.

a. 1-2 tsp 

b. 2 Tbsp 

c. 0.5 tsp 

d. 3 tsp 


Marks: 1

The top note in an essential oils blend has a _____ molecular weight and a _____ evaporation rate.

Choose one answer.

a. low, quick 

b. high, quick 

c. low, slow 

d. high, slow 


Marks: 1

When using basil essential oil to help with ear infections, you should place it:

Choose one answer.

a. on the tragus 

b. in the ear 

c. around the outside of the ear canal 

d. on the jaw 


Marks: 1

Patchouli essential oil comes from the patchouli plants of tropical East and Southeast Asia; it is:

Choose one answer.

a. steam distilled from the leaves 

b. macerated from the leaves 

c. extracted via enfleurage 

d. steam distilled from the flowers 


Marks: 1

Boswellia frereana, Boswellia carterii, and Boswellia sacra are different species of:

Choose one answer.

a. geranium 

b. frankincense 

c. sandalwood 

d. rosewood 


Marks: 1

Tea tree essential oil comes from trees in the marshes of _______. The oil is extracted from the _______.

Choose one answer.

a. New Zealand, leaves 

b. Botswana, bark 

c. Peru, bark 

d. Australia, leaves 


Marks: 1

Dr. Josh Axe states that oregano essential oil can be used internally when sick or doing a temporary cleanse but only for:

Choose one answer.

a. 28 days 

b. 21 days 

c. 10 days 

d. 14 days 


Marks: 1

The following essential oil is steam-distilled from heartwood chips, and its perfume is a pleasant blend of wood and flower with spicy undertones:

Choose one answer.

a. rosewood 

b. cypress 

c. pine 

d. rosemary 


Marks: 1

After blending several essential oils together, it is a good idea to let them sit for about an hour or even a whole day as this allows:

Choose one answer.

a. the base notes to be strengthened 

b. a stronger aroma to be formed 

c. the oils to synergize together 

d. the middle notes to be strengthened 


Marks: 1

A study performed by Szabo et al, using C. Violaceum as sensor strain, evidenced that the following oils are highly potent quorum sensing inhibitors: (Select all that apply.)

Choose at least one answer.

a. rose 

b. orange 

c. juniper 

d. geranium 


Marks: 1

In a study two components of the lavender plant, linalool and linalyl acetate, were shown to stimulate the __________ nervous system. Linalyl acetate is recognized as a __________ while linalool is known to act as a __________.

Choose one answer.

a. parasympathetic, sedative, narcotic 

b. parasympathetic, narcotic, sedative 

c. sympathetic, narcotic, sedative 

d. sympathetic, sedative, narcotic 


Marks: 1

Prior to ingesting any of the essential oils with antibiotic properties (oregano, cinnamon, thyme, tea tree) if you have GI issues, are pregnant, or want to use with very young children, Dr. Josh Axe recommends:

Choose one answer.

a. using it topically for 3 days 

b. consulting with your pharmacist 

c. using it in a distiller for 3 days 

d. consulting with your physician 


Marks: 1

Rosemary essential oil stimulates circulation and thins the blood, which is beneficial for arteriosclerosis and high cholesterol. The best method of application for these conditions is:

Choose one answer.

a. compress 

b. full body massage 

c. steam inhalation 

d. ingestion 


Marks: 1

According to the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy’s (NAHA) Code of Ethics, if a member is found to have transgressed any of NAHA’s bylaws or Code of Ethics, they should:

Choose one answer.

a. pay a $5,000 fine 

b. discuss with a Director of NAHA to attempt to resolve the issue 

c. cease working as an aromatherapist for a 12-month period 

d. voluntarily surrender and return their membership certificate to the association 


Marks: 1

The method of extraction for Roman chamomile is:

Choose one answer.

a. water distillation 

b. steam distillation 

c. solvent extraction 

d. cold-press extraction 


Marks: 1

Cypress oil should be used _______ and should be stored in a _______ place.

Choose one answer.

a. undiluted, dark 

b. undiluted, light 

c. diluted, warm 

d. diluted, cool 


Marks: 1

Copaiba essential oil is extracted from the oil resin of large trees in the Amazon jungle via:

Choose one answer.

a. distillation 

b. maceration 

c. expression 

d. enfleurage 


Marks: 1

In a clinical study, it was found that copaiba essential oil positively regulated multiple signaling pathways in neuronal cells. These included the following signaling pathways which regulate neuronal metabolism, proliferation and immunity: (Select all that apply.)

Choose at least one answer.

a. pI3K/Akt/mTOR 

b. MAPK 

c. AMPK 



Marks: 1

Peppermint oil has been shown in medical studies to help soothe irritable bowel syndrome and leaky gut like issues. How many drops should be taken in water daily to help alleviate symptoms?

Choose one answer.

a. six 

b. eight 

c. three to four 

d. one to two 


Marks: 1

Which 2 essential oils are safe to use while pregnant and can be helpful for morning sickness?

Choose one answer.

a. peppermint and spearmint 

b. aniseed and sweet orange 

c. camphor and lemon 

d. clary sage and blue cypress 


Marks: 1

Lemon essential oil can be:

Choose one answer.

a. used on your skin without a carrier oil 

b. used on a newborn baby 

c. added to your drink of water 

d. used as a food flavoring

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