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University of South Florida Solenoid Axis Presentation & Excel Sheet

University of South Florida Solenoid Axis Presentation & Excel Sheet

I’m trying to study for my Physics course and I need some help to understand this question.



The solenoid is a coil system which is long typically greater than the diameter of its cross section. It consists of tightly would conducting wires with an N number of turns. It generates a magnetic field through its volume. But, along its axis, depending on which way the current is flowing through the wires, the field has a particular value and points axially. The field generated by a solenoid along the axis is

LaTeX: B=mu_0frac{N}{L}I


In the above equation, LaTeX: mu_0


is the constant of permeability of free space, LaTeX: I


is the current through the windings, and LaTeX: frac{N}{L}


is the number of turns per unit length. For this lab, LaTeX: frac{N}{L}=:1000



Lab instructions: [Review your textbook for information about the solenoid. Study every aspect presented.]

Part I

1. Review the video to collect your data. NOTE: If you read the current off of the power-supply (BK-Precision on the lower reading), you have more sig figs. Notice any fluctuations and wait until the Tesla meter settles!. Column A in Excel is current (in Amps). Column B is magnetic field (mT). Column C is (column B)/1000 to convert to Tesla (T). Column D is (column C)/1,000. You are dividing your turns per length in this last step. Make sure Column A is in Amps!!

2. Plot Column D vs. Column A. Clearly label the graph for presentation with the correct units. Is it linear? What SHOULD be the slope?

3. Run a LINEST with the dependent being column D and independent being column A. Record the slope and its uncertainty. Does it seem reasonable? What are the units?

4. Now, do a t-value analysis. Using the equation, LaTeX: t=frac{|actual-experimental|}{uncertainty}


, determine if the t-value is greater than 1, less than 1, or equal to 1. In either scenario, explain what it means. In your explanation, look at all of the facts in front of you. Any take-home lessons to share?

5. Save and upload the file.

*****i have the video but its too large to upload if you have idea how to share pleas tell me*****

Part II

1. Open up the power-point file.

2. On the first slide, draw the magnetic field lines coming out of the cross-section. Note the direction of the current. You must draw these in the right direction and place arrows on your field lines for credit.

3. On the next slide, use the “wires” to connect up the experiment. Place the meter where it belongs to do a proper measurement. Take the values given at the top. After you have positioned everything and is connected up (note that you click on and grab a wire and change its length to connect everything), use Insert/textbox to place the value of the magnetic field (in mT) in the blanks on the meter.

Important: You can move the meters and items around any way you like!

4. Save and upload the file.

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