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Statistics Essential in All Aspects of Human Endeavor Memorandum

Statistics Essential in All Aspects of Human Endeavor Memorandum


  • Memorandum Header.  Use the header and header information on the provided template until you get to the “Re” line which is what the document is about and is the same as a title. Compose this line to specifically say what your memorandum is about as succinctly as possible. 
  • Introduction. As with any professional document, the beginning of the document needs to provide readers with an overview of why it is important to them and what it will address. State what is important to the audience when it comes to agreeing to your request. Include a thesis statement, that presents the main idea of the document and why it is being presented.  State that you will support this in two ways – 1) the ways in which probability and statistics are used in the work of the [your field] division; and 2) how probability and statistics proficiency of employees contribute to organizational success.
  • Probability and Statistics Use in [Your Field] Division Services. Using the understanding of probability and statistics in your field you developed in assignment IDL 1, revise your communication of this material to support the arguments you are making to executives. To assist you with this, remember the roles of executives within the organization as described in your reading. Be sure you explain these in terms of their priorities. In-text citations are required in this section. 
  • The Importance of Probability and Statistics Literacy for Our Division’s Operational Success.  In this section, you will present your argument as a cohesive well-written case.  You will incorporate the data from  Analytics and AI-driven enterprises thrive in the age of with: The culture catalyst (Links to an external site.) as evidence. At least one in-text citation is required in this section; a minimum of two in-text citations are required if you complete the extra credit. 
  • Conclusion. In this section, reverse the order of your introduction content, maintain your meaning but use different words. Be sure to end with a statement of what you accomplished and how by providing this memorandum. 

You are working for Rešitel International, a 14,000 person consulting organization. You work in a division of the organization that provides client services in your field. That is, all of the types of professional work products your field produces are marketed to Rešitel clients as a consulting service. Your manager has asked you to write a memorandum to be provided to your division leaders. This memorandum will make a case that increasing the number of employees in the division proficient in statistics and probability will improve provided services and increase profitability. The leaders he has asked you to address the memorandum to are Fiya Basak, Vice President of [your field]; Anozie Nwaike, senior manager of [your field]; and Elizabeth Rice, senior manager of [your field]. You will also copy it to your boss, John Coltrane. You are to assume that these leaders are senior professionals in your field with the knowledge that entails. Specifically, Mr. Coltrane is requesting that the division require and verify probability and statistics proficiency for all new hires in the division. He has tasked you with accomplishing this by:

    1. Highlighting how statistics and probability are used in the services your division provides to clients. To support your argument, this part of the document will summarize aspects of the services your division provides in which statistics and probability are applied and for what purpose each is used. Note: In this section, I expect you to use the research you did for assignment IDL 1. However, as you are writing to a different audience for a different purpose, you will use it differently. If you feel your research from IDL 1 is inadequate for this assignment, you may add additional sources.
    2. The importance to division success of having all employees engaged in data analytics (analyzing data using probability and statistics for increased profitability and meeting division goals). For this part of the work, he is providing you with a  (Links to an external site.)“>document (Links to an external site.)
beside link icon summarizing external research data provided by a Rešitel partner, Deloitte, to support this case. He wants you to review this data for:

        • How the data provided can support your argument that more data literate/probability and statistics proficient employees will make the division more profitable, and
        • Is the data Deloitte collected relevant to Rešitel? Are the participants from whom Deloitte collected the data similar enough to Rešitel to suggest their findings would be applicable to Rešitel? You will include what the data indicates, the source of the data provided, the size and reliability of the study, and how that data source aligns or not with Rešitel as an organization.

After reviewing the data you will use it to make the case that your division will be more profitable if more employees are able to engage in data analytics (that is applying probability and statistics knowledge.)

 (Links to an external site.)“>document (Links to an external site.)

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