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SNHU Social Sciences Lens for Understanding Wellness Response

SNHU Social Sciences Lens for Understanding Wellness Response

Sofar in this course, we have explored wellness through the lenses ofhistory, the humanities, and the natural and applied sciences. In thismodule, you will wrap up your draft of Final Project Part One withMilestone Four, and the social sciences lens is the last piece of thepuzzle. Look back over the topics you chose to discuss in previousdiscussions, select one, and reexamine it now through the socialsciences lens. In your initial post, address the following:

  • Describe or summarize your previous topic.
  • How has your understanding been affected by the social sciences lens?
  • How does the social sciences lens support the lens you previously used?

In responding to your peers, provide feedback on their topic analysisand describe the value of the social sciences lens for understandingwellness.

Make sure you support your response with the readings from this module, and any additional resources if needed.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.


Wellnesscomprises eight dimensions that, when integrated, they allow you togrow into the best of person that your fortune/abilities will allow.Being a person who feels positive and enthusiastic about life, valuesthe emotions of others its superlative for me to talk about EmotionalDimension (Strout, Howard).

  1. Improvements.
  • Knowing and being comfortable using the healthy coping strategies you’ve come to build.
  • Beingaware of when you need your space, or when something is out of yourscope of competence to deal with and seek a professional
  • Learning to identify your feelings and those of others (Emotional intelligence).
  1. Challenges.
  • unhealthy coping skills (smoking, drinking, recreational drugs, isolation, self-harm
  • Not being able to regulate your emotions is one that is a challenge, as well as access to professional help
  • Not taking the time to do self-care (Strout, Howard)

Longbefore I used to get the definition of wellness wrong, as beingphysical health, never indulging there were other aspects whenintegrated, they may transform someone into being happy and healthy. Ithink getting enough cash was the great thing that has ever happened tome. This sounds unwise; however, when you have hefty bills to cater for,they may weigh a lot on you and thus may impact your overall value oflife as well.

This is the article that I have chosen: talks about self-awareness/ Emotional intelligence. I know theseguys whom we go to the gym with, they look physically fit because theyare taking care of the working out and maybe because of proper eating.But how am I going to know whether they are healthy? Because they mightbe battling something from inside that, I am not aware of. This hasmade me believe that no one is definite of more status/prestige than theother. Wellness has helped me understand that the moment you startgiving care to things that seem to be significant, then you willdiscover more happiness.


Strout,Kelley Ann, and Elizabeth P. Howard. “The Six Dimensions of Wellnessand Cognition in Aging Adults.” Journal of Holistic Nursing, vol.30, no. 3, 19 June 2012,

pp. 195–204.,

Peer 1

Inmy previous discussion I spoke of how Yoga. Yoga helps to heal themind, body and soul. Yoga dates to old India rituals, it helps promotehealing of the mind, physical and spiritual disciplines. Yogic practicescan include movement of the mindful body, meditation, deep thought,breathing, and withdrawal of the external stimuli. To help promotehealing, mindfulness and peace. With understanding how Yoga worksthrough the social sciences specifically the psychology aspect Yogahelps calms an individual’s stress response system, according to aHarvard research study (Khoshaba, 2013). Thus, it provides a person analternative method to calm the stress response system more naturallyinstead of opting the use of medications, which can be harmful to theperson.

Additionally,yoga helps prevent mental health conditions, specifically PTSD. Whichis the main element of what I discuss in my final project. Yoga supportsmy topic in discussing the benefits of using Yoga when one suffers fromPTSD. Although PTSD is typically seen in combat veterans or people whosuffer a traumatic experience, it also prevalent in first responders.Such as police officers, paramedics, firefighters, doctors, nurses andcorrectional officers.

HathaYoga has been shown to be effective in reducing PTSD symptoms,according to the American Psychological Association (Khoshaba, 2013),especially in cases where contemporary psychological andpharmacological intervention have failed. As such, Yoga could be agreat alternative way of healing to the perils of traumatic experiences.


Khoshaba, D., (2013). Take a Stand for Yoga Today. Psychology Today. Retrieved from

Peer 2


was a topic I chose in a previous discussion. It was traditionally used

in a religious sense that sought the “spiritual, mystical, and sacred

aspects of life” (Loustaunau, 2019). However, today one does not have to

be spiritual to receive the benefits of meditation. Reducing stress and

stress-related diseases and conditions is the most common motive to

meditate. My understanding has been affected by the social science lens

through understanding that social connections and mindfulness practices

are essential in an individual’s life to promote wellness. Anxiety and

depression can overwhelm a person and meditation can help them gain

insight to their experiences (Khong & Mruk, 2009). The social

science lens supports the history lens I used earlier by incorporating a

humanistic approach to history by integrating human behavior and social



Khong, B. S., & Mruk, C. J. (2009, April-June). Editors’ introduction to special issue on mindfulness in psychology. The HUmanistic Psychologist, 37(2), 109-116. doi:…

Loustaunau, M. O. (2019). Meditation. Salem Press Encyclopedia of Health.Retrieved from…

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