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Microbiology Worksheet

Microbiology Worksheet


1 The third line of defense of our immune system is:

A The Macrophages

B Humoral and cellular immunity

C Mucous

D Skin

2 Which of the following is not a organ of our Lymphatic system

A Heart

B Thymus

C Spleen

D Tonsils

3 In the CBC/Lab Tests what group of cells will be more elevated in the presence of a Viral infection?

A Neutrophils

B Basophiles

C Lymphocytes

D Eosinophils

4 A substance capable of causing antibody production is an

A Immunoglobulin

B Electrolyte

C Macrophage

D Antigen

5 In the immune response process, the cells in charge of the notification to Lymphocytes about the presence of a new antigen are called:

A Dendritic Cells

B Natural Killers

C Antibodies

D Phagocytes

6 A patient presents an Anaphylactic Shock and is taken to the emergency room for treatment, this type of reaction is considered a:

A Type I reaction

B Type 2 Reaction

C Type 3 Reaction

D Type IV Reaction

7 In the hemolytic disease of the newborn, in response to the fetal Rh antigens, the mother will produce:

A Red blood cells

B Rh negative cells

C Rh Positive Cells

D anti-Rh antibodies

8 Which of the following is not a drug-induced cytotoxic reaction:

A Agranulocytosis

B Hemolytic anemia

C Thrombocytopenic purpura

D Kawasaki’s Disease

9 A nurse complaints of allergic contact dermatitis to latex, this is considered a:

A Delayed Cell-Mediated Reaction

B Type 2 Reaction

C Anaphylactic reaction

D Type Ill Reaction

10 The following diseases are commonly associated with AIDS, except:

A Kaposis’s Sarcoma

B Cryptococcus neoformans

C Candida albicans

D Chikungunya

11 The vector Aedes aegypti is the method of transmission of the following diseases, except:

A Dengue

B Chikungunya

C Yellow Fever

D Lassa Fever

12 A 5 year old patient is brought to the emergency room presenting fever, headaches, nausea and vomiting in addition to a stiff neck, what area of the nervous system is most likely affected in this disease?

A Peripheral Nervous System

B Blood-Brain Barrier

C Meninges

D Cerebellum

13 The Lumbar puncture is a procedure performed to obtain a sample of:

A Blood

B Cephalo Spinal Fluid

C Mucous

D White blood celss

14 A patient suffers a fall from a horse and presents to the emergency room with a deep wound contaminated with feces and dirt, in addition to pieces of metal, the nurse cleans the wound well and the patient is sent home but comes back after 72 hours complaining of pain and sustained contraction of the muscles surrounding the area of the injury.

What is this patient most likely differential diagnostic:

A Diabetes

B Tetanus

C Botulism

D Abscess

15 This disease is usually transmitted by the saliva of an animal bite and in the US the most common cause is the Silver haired bat

A Rabies

B Chagas Disease

C Listeriosis

D Botulism

16 Leprosy transmission requires prolonged contact with an infected person or the inhalation of secretions

A True

B False

17 The Sabin Vaccine is an attenuated virus oral vaccine that produces lifelong immunity

A True

B False

18 Gangrene is caused when a patient is infected by a gram-positive aerobic bacteria

A True

B False

19 In a patient with congestive heart failure with history of a dental procedure, the infection of the presence of endocarditis would be considered the source of the primary infection

A True

B False

20 The American Trypanosomiasis caused by the Trypanosoma Cruzi transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito

A True

B False

21 In the lymphatic system the plasma leaves blood capillaries to become interstitial fluid that will eventually be transported to the lymph nodes?

A True

B False

22 A Lymphangitis is the inflammation of the lymph nodes

A True

B False

23 A puerperal Sepsis is also called a childbirth fever?
A True

B False

24 Gas gangrene is cause by the clostridium perfringens

A True

B False

25 Epstein Barr viruses have been associated with Multiple sclerosis

A True

B False

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