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CRJ 105 Florida University Crime and Criminal Behavior Quiz Questions

CRJ 105 Florida University Crime and Criminal Behavior Quiz Questions

Which term did Émile Durkheim coin to refer to normlessness within society?





Which of the following is true of the criminal justice system in the contemporary United States?

There is little evidence of blatant racism, but there does appear to be institutionalized racism.

There is clear evidence that racial discrimination is worst in cases involving serious crime.

There is clear evidence that blatant racism continues to be rampant in the system.

There is clear evidence that racism no longer exists in the system.

A criminologist notices that crime rates tend to be higher in warmer climates. This observation is most closely linked to which concept?


Neoclassical theory

Ecological theory

Just deserts

Of all demographic variables, which is the best predictor of criminality?

Socioeconomic status




Which of the following theoretical perspectives is based on the premise that human behavior is primarily hedonistic in nature?



Ecological determinism


What is the term for the extent to which a victim is responsible for his or her own victimization?

Victim precipitation

Victim responsibility

Victim provocation

Victim facilitation

What is the name of the field that attempts to define, explain, and predict criminal behavior?


Applied criminology



True or False? Cesare Beccaria and Jeremy Bentham are associated with the classical school of criminology.



What region of the United States has the lowest overall crime rate?





What are mores?

Always codified into law

The comprehensive set of morals in a given society

Norms that are preferred, but carry no serious consequences if broken

Strong norms that carry sanctions/punishment if broken

What is the primary annual source of official crime statistics in the United States published by the FBI?

self-report survey

NIBRS report



After observing other children fighting on the playground, a young boy begins to pick a fight with one of his classmates. This scenario is most closely an example of:

Criminal personality

Operant conditioning

Social Learning Theory


Which of the following is an index offense on the Uniform Crime Report?



Public drunkenness

Traffic violations

His writings did not specifically address crime; however, his ideas impacted Willem Bonger who viewed the criminal law as primarily protecting the interests of the propertied class. Who is this?





As unemployment rises, what do crime rates tend to do?


Decrease significantly

Decrease slightly

Remain stable

What is the term for behavior that is outside the range of normal societal toleration?

Mala in se




Where can the basic principles of the modern Western judicial and legal system be found?

Classical school of criminology

Neoclassical school of criminology

Demonological school of criminology

Economic school of criminology

Which of the following is true of laws?

Laws can be enforced by either political or moral authorities.

Laws are the most efficient means of social control.

Laws define which behaviors classify as “deviant” in a given society.

Laws become more common when informal methods of social control are weakened.

The “crime index” reflects which of the following?

Part I offenses on the UCR

The nation’s murder rate

The rate of violent victimizations reported on the NCVS

Part II offenses on the UCR

With which school of criminological thought is Willem Bonger associated?



Human ecological


Which of the following agencies is responsible for the publication of the UCR?

Central Intelligence Agency

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Secret Service

U.S. Marshalls

Which of the following would an adherent of the neoclassical school propose?

Mandatory sentencing policies

Social reform

Family counseling

Substance abuse treatment

Generally speaking, anomie theories focus on crime as the result of which situation?

Social disorganization

Lack of legitimate opportunities

Weak social controls

Natural processes of maturation

Which of the following sources of data includes detailed information on criminal incidents, including location, time, and presence of weapon?





True or False? Karl Marx wrote extensively on the topic of crime causation.



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