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Chicano Studies Mexican Americans Capital Law and Ideology Assignment

Chicano Studies Mexican Americans Capital Law and Ideology Assignment

Capital, Law, and Ideology Write-Up


This assignment consists of two parts: First, a detailed chart in which you specifically name the relevant forms of Capital (economic goods/conditions), Law (legislation, enforcement, etc), and Ideology (ideas/language/images) that were used to racialize the Chicanx subject in the 19th century.

Secondly, with the 500-word writing assignment, your task is to identify how historical forms of capital, law, and ideology interact and relate to one another in the period between 1820 and 1920 and how those forces came together to create the Chicanx subject during this period. So, the chart separates these forces out from one another, then the write-up brings them back together and explains how they interact. Any week three readings may be used for this assignment. You must have completed all the readings for the week and utilize at least three different authors as evidence in your chart/write-up. You also must include in-text parenthetical citations for all direct quotations, but you do NOT need a full works cited page.

Filling out a C-L-I Chart (2 points)

This chart will serve as the basis for your write-up and will help you on the midterm.

1)In the Capital category, you are to list the specific economic goods at stake (such as land, crops, ports, labor, etc.) and the systems of economic disparity produced to manage them (slavery, land dispossession, dual-wage, etc.) Include Page Numbers

2) In the Law category, list the legal factors that you come across (laws, treaties, court decisions, etc.) and the forms of force that are used to uphold them (policing, extra-legal violences, etc.) Include Page Numbers

3) In the ideology/discourse category, consider how capital and state interests are naturalized; name the characteristics or binaries of the prevailing ideology and/or discourse and, when possible, list who constructed the ideas and who with power perpetuated this discourse. Include Page Numbers

C-L-I Write-Up (8 points)

The write-up should be 500 words, and should utilize evidence from the reading in order to show how the historically specific forms of capital, laws, and ideologies that you identified in your chart interact with and reinforce one anotherand why each is vital to understanding the production of racialized differences and discourses under white supremacy. Be as concise as possible. The more condensed the argument the better. And make sure first and foremost you show how captial, law, and ideology all work together in the process of racialization.


C-L-I Write-Up Rubric

Criteria Ratings Pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeC-L-I ChartCapital: List Economic Goods at Stake, and if possible, the system of economic disparity that manages the redistribution of those goods. Law: List legal documents and/or official policies, and if possible, the forms of force required to uphold those legal declarations. Ideology: Name the characteristics or binaries that prevail in mainstream discourse and other forms of representation (art, film, music, literature, editorials, etc.), and if possible, note who with power engaged in these modes of representation.

2.0 pts

Full Marks

Student completed CLI chart accurately and shows they engaged in a thorough reading and understanding of the article’s argument.

1.0 pts

Lower Mark

Student attempted to complete the CLI chart, but some things are miscategorized, they are not specific enough, or key forms of C/L/I are missing.

0.0 pts

No Marks

Student didn’t submit a CLI Chart or made minimal effort to fill in all the categories.

2.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome350-500 Word Write-UpThis short write-up should utilize a central quote from the reading in order to show how the historically specific forms of capital, laws, and ideologies interact with one another and why each is vital to understanding the production of notions of racial difference.

8.0 pts

Full Marks

Student used a central quotation or set of quotations. Student drew strong connections between specific forms of C/L/I, speaking to the specificity of the geography, economy, and populations present at a historical moment.

5.0 pts

Quote/Analyis Issues

Student drew weaker connections between specific forms of C/L/I or failed to write substantively about the geography, economy, and populations present at a historical moment. Alternatively, student over-relied on quotations from the reading without drawing enough connections using their own voice. Nonetheless, the student can clearly identify key concepts from the readings.

3.0 pts

Problems With Analysis

Student wrote generically about abstract notions of C/L/I without being specific about why certain forms of C/L/I were valued at that historical moment. Alternatively, student over-relied on quotations that do not elucidate the connections and/or provided little coherent overview of their own.

0.0 pts

No Marks

Student didn’t submit a write-up or fell well-short of the the minimum word count.

8.0 pts

Total Points: 10.0

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